What is Data Science?

“War is 90% Information”

– Napoleon Bonaparte


The field of Data Science is a melting pot of different domains. At the core of our work as practicing data scientists are the concepts of information compression and storytelling. Our goal is to identify trends and relationships to provide compelling cases for progress.




A good data scientist should have strong programming skills, insights into a domain relevant to a project, and a good understanding of statistical methods. The integration of these skills will allow us to clearly convey messages that are likely to motivate action.

When working with complex systems or phenomena, the data scientist must often operate with incomplete and provisional understanding, even as she works to advance the state of knowledge. This is very much what scientists do. Our post describes how we arrived at recent changes to design principles for the Google search page, and thus highlights aspects of a data scientist’s role which involve practicing the scientific method.

– Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

Below is an article about google’s take on the topic:





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